This avocado oil is of superb quality with many outstanding features. Used for sautéing at low heat, the oil adds a distinct richness to your food without any residual taste or glaze to interfere with the food’s flavor and texture. Used for frying at higher heat levels, this oil enhances the flavor of your food with its distinct richness, while maintaining its original lucent color and rich opulent texture. With an extraordinarily high smoke point of 520°F, this oil can be used for the most extreme heat applications and blackening methods without the usual drawbacks such as excessive smoking, sticking, and thermal breakdown. Furthermore, with the absence of residual taste and excellent tolerance to heat, this oil is perfectly suited for frying all of your favorite foods, from deep fried fritters and southern beignets, to blackened red fish and salmon fillets. This oil is a ‘must have’ for every gourmand with a penchant for culinary excellence.

Carl Wright, Phoenix, Arizona

“Avocado oil is easy to use in all my favorite dishes and best of all; it doesn’t burn like regular cooking oil”.

Ann Thomas, Phoenix, Arizona

I am writing to let you know that this is great oil! I am an Avocado lover; however, I never heard of Avocado Oil (until a friend recently introduced me to it). I am used to using butter or olive oil in and on most of my foods so when I was asked to try Avocado Oil I was a little hesitant but much to my surprise I now use it on everything. It is also very healthy for you as I have a read a great deal about it on the internet. It is also cheaper than olive oil I currently use. I love it on my salads, vegetables and even bread not to mention I cook my garlic in it and have started using it on fish—just let your imagination guide you to its many uses and you won’t be disappointed. I am hooked!!!

Cynthia Mancinelli
Glendale, Arizona

Never having cooked with avocado oil-our experience is that it greatly enhances the flavor of each ingredient.  We enjoyed amazingly delicious dishes such as Chilean sea bass with fresh herbs, rib roast, pork tenderloin, ravioli with sage, fontina omelets and even brownies!!  Hey gourmet chefs- watch out!

Dave De Paola & Angela Gee
Phoenix, AZ

When I first saw Ahuacatlan Avocado Oil I was a skeptical.  I was thinking- Why have I not seen or heard of avocado oil before?  It soon became apparent to me that this is the best oil you can use!!  It holds up to the heat so much better than olive oil.  Thanks Storino’s Quality Products for bringing this wonderful oil to the United States.

Kevin Herrell
New River, AZ

As a health conscious family, we’re always looking for ways to eat better. My friend introduced me to pure avocado oil, which I’d never even heard of, but thought it sounded good so we tried it. With so many chemicals in our food today, we welcome anything natural. I started using the avocado oil for anything that I used to use vegetable or olive oil for. I used it from frying eggs to stir fry to baking. What a difference it made! My family and I noticed that we couldn’t taste the oil, which we normally could. I recently used it in a waffle recipe and my family couldn’t get over how moist it made the waffles! (Mine are usually a little hard.) My 9-year old daughter said they were the best waffles she’d ever had. Oh, and if some drips down the side of the bottle, I just rub it on my arms and it makes my skin soft. I thought my parents and siblings would love the avocado oil so I got each of them a bottle to try.

Lynda Dodd
Phoenix, Arizona