Avocado Oil and Hair Growth – A Personal Story

My company is the importer of Ahuacatlan Avocado Oil into the United States.  Ahuacatlan is a high grade cooking oil that offers wonderful culinary properties in cooking and baking. Four month ago, I decided to start using Ahuacatlan Avocado Oil as a replacement to shaving cream.  My thought process was that maybe after years of using it on my face, someone would someday say- “Frank, your face looks so young, what is your secret?”  I could then say, “Well, I have been using avocado oil as a replacement to shaving cream and I guess that must be the reason.”  Yes, I know it sounds lame, but that was my reasoning.  After a few months, I noticed a change.   A change, that I was not expecting.  If you are thinking that I now look 10 years younger, I have some beach front property for sell in Arizona, if your interested.

I have been using disposable razors for over 30 years, ever since I first started shaving in my teens.  These razors have always worked well for me and were also inexpensive.   When I switched from shaving creams to avocado oil, these razors worked great initially.  However, after a few months, I started to notice that I was going through the disposable razors very fast.  It got so bad, that I started to throw away brand new razors straight out of the package–they just would not cut my whiskers.   Shaving actually became painful;  so much that I dreaded having to shave in the morning.

Why was shaving now so painful now?  I had two possible answers-  One, the disposable razors were no longer the same quality that they used to be.  Or two, my beard was not the same as it used to be.  Because I have been using disposable razors for over 30 years, I believe that the most likely answer is that my beard has changed due to using avocado oil as a shaving cream.  The hair is now thicker and that disposable razors cannot effectively cut them anymore.

I am a skeptic when it comes to most natural cures for ailments.  Do I believe that avocado oil will cure baldness?— No.  However, based on my personal experience with my beard, I am lead to believe that avocado oil makes hair more healthy.  It is for this reason why the disposal razors are ineffective now in shaving my beard.  Based on this belief,  I Google  -“avocado oil and hair growth” and found that there was a lot of information.   According to the internet, the “monounsaturated fatty acids”  found in avocado oil is absorb in the scalp and hair shafts and protects them from environmental stresses and damages.  It may also stimulate new growth and help unclog blocked follicles.  Additionally, the combination of antioxidants vitamin E, moisturizing plant sterols and rich levels of monounsaturated fats, provide three nutrients that are effective in stimulating hair growth.

Here is where my article gets a little technical with scientific finding regarding avocado oil and cells.  Last summer, Christian Corts- Rojos, a researcher at The University of Michoacan, presented his findings regarding avocado oil to The American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  at a conference in San Diego.  His research is showing that avocado oil appears to be instrumental in protecting the “mitochondria” of cells from the harmful effects of “free radicals.”  The mitochondria found in our cells is considered to be the “energy source of the cell.“  If the mitochondria is damaged or destroyed; the cell dies.  Rojos, says that many studies have been trying to link antioxidants found in vegetables and fruits, most notably carrots and tomatoes, to protecting cells from damage.  However, these findings were not very encouraging;  that is until Rojos started to look at avocado oil and yeast cells.  His research has shown that avocado oil allows the yeast cells to survive high exposure to “free radicals” without damage.  He believes his finding with yeast cells will also be translated to the cells in higher organism, such as humans.   Further research is now ongoing.

I am not a scientist, and my own personal findings regarding using avocado oil and  the changes that I witnessed with my beard  and shaving is not scientific at all.  Here is what I do know– I am now having to pay $34 for four expensive, four- bladed razor blades to shave comfortably.  If your wondering if I am again using avocado oil to shave with?  The  answer is–Yes.  I remain hopeful that someday I will be asked- Frank, why does your skin look so young?  However, based on what I have witness so far, the question might be–Frank,  have you ever thought of shaving your long beard?

Frank Storino,
President of Storino’s Quality Products/Importer of Ahuacatlan Avocado Oil
Glendale, Arizona