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Cooking with Avocado Oil

Cooking with Avocado Oil

Avocado12As popularity of cooking shows grows, so does the knowledge about what you should be cooking with. Many people are becoming foodies simply because of the programs they watch and learn from. People want to know the best way to do things and the best ingredients to cook with. After reading this, you may question why you are not using avocado oil yourself!

Avocado oil is most popular due to its resistance to high heats. It has the highest smoke point for plant oil on the market. In simple terms, it means you will not create unstable oil cells that wreak havoc on the body when cook at too high of heat. When you heat oil too hot it will mess with the cell structure and this could lead to health issues when ingested. When heated too high the oil releases chemical compounds that are known to cause cancers and other diseases.

Besides the health benefits there are taste benefits to avocado oil. It has a familiar taste like other oils but because it is from a plant product it can be healthier than animal fats. Avocado oil can lend itself to being used in all types of cooking it can be used in the rawest form to drizzle on cooked salmon or in a dressing for a salad. Avocado oil can also be used in cooking where it performs higher than others. As stated it has the highest smoke point of 520 degrees, almost 100 degrees higher than the next leader olive oil

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