Foods To Replace Melted Butter With Avocado Oil

Foods To Replace Melted Butter With Avocado Oil

crablegsThe rich buttery flavor and texture of avocado oil separates it from other cooking oils and really allows it to be used in a more Avocado oildiverse way. The avocados we use, from Ahuacatlan, in Michoacan, Mexico are rich in monounsaturated fat, which are the good fats. Because of the high fat content, you can taste the difference from other avocados and oils.

Replacing melted butter with Ahuacatlan Avocado Oil is an easy alternative to keep the same flavor but cut the unhealthy part out of the equation. There are plenty of foods where you can make the substitution and still enjoy the same foods you love. Here’s a list of some favorites where substituting avocado oil for melted butter works out nice.

Lobster/Crab – Dipping lobster or crab meat in melted butter is a delicious food that many people love. However, straight melted butter doesn’t exactly equal a healthy choice while eating. Instead, a small little dish of avocado oil will still add the buttery taste and cut out the calories.

Garlic Bread – A piece of French bread or an Italian loaf with a nice garlic spread on it is a wonderful treat to accompany a nice pasta dish. You can apply a nice mixture of avocado oil and garlic to spread lightly before backing into the bread.

Baked Potato – There are different ways to dress a baked potato. Some people love sour cream, chives and bits of bacon. Some like a nice dressing of melted cheese, but most baked potatoes involve some sort of melted butter on them. Potatoes are already high in carbohydrates and fat content, so eliminating any extra calories and fat is a good thing.

Steak/Prime Rib – You can find plenty of recipes out there with melted butter drizzling over prime rib or steak cuts. Add an extra flavor with a little bit of avocado oil. Eliminate the cholesterol by getting rid of melted butter.

Corn on the Cob – A fresh cob of corn is delicious, especially in the summer time when corn is abundant. Many people will melt butter on it to add a nice salty flavor, but using avocado oil works just as well.

Our philosophy is goodbye butter, hello avocado oil. We hope you start using the same type of philosophy in your every day cooking.