The World’s Oldest Working Barber Likes AHUACATLAN AVOCADO OIL

ANTHONY MANCINELLI- the world’s oldest working barber LIKES AHUACATLAN AVOCADO OIL.  Since he was 98, he has held this title in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS.  He is now 102 years old and going strong.

Not only does he still cut 20 to 30 haircuts a day, he still drives a car, lives by himself, does NOT wear glasses, does NOT take any medication, has hands as steady as a surgeon and still likes to cook for himself.  He has been cutting hairs since he was 12, when Calvin Coolidge was president and haircuts only cost a quarter.

In the early days as a barber, he was often asked by his customers for his “blood letting services.”  Barbers during this time period would used leaches for blood letting which was thought to be a cure for many illnesses such as high blood pressure.  This is why barber poles have a “RED” stripe on them to this day.  He says that his customers told him they felt better after the procedure.  Mr. Mancinelli  also mentions that barbers would never be allowed to do this service today with all the regulations, but it was very common back then.

What is his secret for living so long and being so healthy?  He says he is not really sure, but loves good Italian food and that he has never smoked or drank.

If you would like to have your haircut by The World’s Oldest Barber, visit Mr. Mancinelli at –PASQUALE BARBER SHOP at 374 RT 32 in VAILS GATE, NY.  Make sure to bring your camera for you will be setting a WORLD’S RECORD for a brief moment in time until he is on to his next customer.  I personally had my hair cut by him and my mother- in- law, to this very day, mentions how nice my hair looked after he cut it.  I guess it must be because he has had a little practice in his 90 year career.