Why AHUACATLAN is so Special

Why AHUACATLAN is so Special

bottleCaptureA lot can be said when you specialize and focus on only ONE thing.

It is by being focused and being passionate about what we do as humans beings that we are all able to achieve greatness.  A star baseball athlete, a gifted pianist, or a neurosurgeon are great examples of the importance of being focused in your craft.

At the AHUACATLAN plant, our Artisans  focus on making only one type of oil–AVOCADO OIL.  The machinery is specific to extracting the oil from the avocado. No machines are retrofitted to make avocado oil, they are specific for it.

Our procedures and techniques are again specifically focused in delivering the best avocado oil on the market.  It is for this reason why our customers often tell us –”I have tried other avocado oils on the market, but none of them compare to AHUACATLAN.”

We agree with them, there is no other avocado oil on the market that matches the quality of AHUACATLAN.

Discover the differences in cooking and baking with this wonderful oil.